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    Raygina- Consider this. All of your neighbors know that you prep. Say- that maybe a couple of them in turn in casual conversation with others say something like "Ya , know that Raygina- just a tad odd or even isn't she always the one that is prepared, ya know- always thinking that something might happen and of course the "well, I know where I'll go if/when things get bad (wink)! These people when things get tight remember and in turn tell their friends. Who's house do you think that they will come visit? do you have enough to share with all these people? Do you want them on your doorstep?

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    I don't think of it as any different than getting something from Amazon or Cabela's. They know where I got it from, not what I got.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raygina View Post
    I don't think of it as any different than getting something from Amazon or Cabela's. They know where I got it from, not what I got.
    In the event that something happens they may come over and want to find out just make sure you order some ammo form Cabela's to go with the food from EE
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    Along this line what do you do when you have a stranger in the house? I "hope" to get new carpet this year so when, for example, someone comes to measure the house (or some other reason) what do you do?

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    Most of my stuff is hidden behind curtains and doors, but on the rare occasions when someone asks why I have so much food in the kitchen, I give them a variety of answers: I shop at Sam's Club; business is slow and my job is in danger, so I'm prepared for a layoff; I had too many lean years and don't ever want to be out of food again; I use my tax refund to buy nonperishables; etc. All of those things are true, so there's no hesitation. The only ones who've ever had the nerve to ask aren't the sort to ponder over Doomsday and the idea of prepping.

    At our old place, I trusted my neighbors (none of whom were close enough to see what was being delivered) and would've helped them during SHTF. At this new one, I might be asking for the plain boxes simply because I don't know any of these people and have a very hostile nextdoor neighbor who's already been snooping around the place when he thinks we're not home.

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    Hmm. I haven't had someone in the house that wasn't family in years but if someone asked I'd tell them how Mom always told us a story about how she got snowed in and didn't have much food so we learned to always have extra in the house. Or that I shop at Sam's.

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    mines all stashed in one place that guests will probably never go

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    I'm using a spare bedroom as my "pantry". It's not someplace that a stranger would normally be. But to measure for carpet they have to go in there. It's not a real big deal. Just several shelves and a bunch of boxes. I just don't like it.

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    I think I'm going to ask for plain boxes with my next order as my last order was delivered to the apt office (even though I was home at the time). It was left in plain view for everyone who went to the office to see. I'd rather not have my un prepared neighbours know what I have in my apt
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    Yep- All you do is request it. I think that there might be something from EE about it right above the comment box. It has to be hard having people ask not to show the EE logo!



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